Starburst Combo Boxes

    (Decorated “Starburst Design” Lid, Corrugated Tray and Gold Fold-under pad!)

    Combo cake boxes are conveniently packed with our NEW STARBURST DESIGN window lid, strong corrugated tray, and a beautiful gold embossed fold-under pad all in one small case pack. The Combo system makes it easier to control inventory and cash flow by offering small complete case packs instead of 3 separate larger case packs. The combo system ends excess inventory of multiple size items and different quantity case packs.

    Available Sizes
    • Full Sheet: (26″ x 18″ x 5″) 20/case
    • ½ Sheet: (19″ x 14″ x 5″) 40/case


    The biggest concern that the bakers had was when they got off sequence with the combo system. The old style combos (especially the full sheet), are an inconvenient larger size and is almost impossible to get separate cases of either trays, lids, or pads. The new STARBURST line offers the baker to purchase separate cases of trays and/or lids for each size as they need them. Since our sizes are standard, it will be easy to get pads for the full sheet as well.