Cookie Tray Liners

    Cookie Tray liners are an excellent way to promote your cookie trays and establishment. The liners come in many sizes and have many benefits. The liners are made from a “Grease-proof” paper so they will not absorb the butter from your delicious cookies.

    1. Excellent print coverage and capability. Use your logo and store colors to promote your business.
    2. Point of Consumption Advertising. Your store’s name, phone number, website and any other desired information is right there in front of everyone as they eat your cookies.
    3. Eye Catching Printing. Since we can print the entire doily, the colors and designs really stand out and get the attention of your customer. People will take notice as to what is on the doily.
    4. Cost Effective. When you consider the rising cost of advertising, this is a much more effective way to promote your business.
    5. Takes up very little inventory space.
    6. Can be used as a cake doily too.

    The minimum order for these liners are 5000 per size. The doilies are made overseas, so they take about 2-3 months to get in. Targit Sales will pay for the plate charge and can assist you in the artwork and design layout. Call us for more details and immediate pricing.